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Application Instruction


    Product Control

    Check the alignment and pattern of the product before applying the glue. Make sure that the pattern does not hold by placing it on any floor and apply.

    Product Application

    After making sure that the joints of the first part and the second part overlap during the application, apply the first part to the wall and continue to apply the pattern so that the second part overlaps about 5mm above the first part.

    Joint Cutting During Application

    The overlapping part of the joint is the ruler and so on. cut with the help of a utility knife.

    Product Application Completion

    Finish the bonding process by wiping the joint of the product up and down with a dry cloth or rubber roller.


    The surface to be applied must be completely clean and smooth.

    During the application, a brush should be used to distribute the glue evenly over the back of the wallpaper.

    The glued wallpaper should be applied within 10-20 minutes.

    When gluing the first part, make sure it is level and smooth.

    When applying the second part to the next surface, make sure that the joint of the first part overlaps with the joint of the second part about 5 mm, making sure that the patterns hold each other.

    Take care not to glue the joint to the top of the paper (the face with the pattern). Products such as trowels and reels can damage the surface of the product by hard handling.

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