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Frequently Asked Questions


    • In order to become a member of our website, simply click on the “LOGIN” button on our homepage and then fill in the requested information. Once you have completed the membership process, you can create an order;
    • Firstly ; You can select the area you want to crop by choosing one of the standard dimensions or the dimensions of your own wall. After selecting the image by selecting any of our paper textures "SAVE AND ADD TO BASKET" button, you are completing the product selection.
    • When entering your wall dimensions, please enter your width and height measurements by 5 cm more for trimming and margins. After selecting all your products, you can see your products in the basket by clicking the basket icon in the basket menu and complete your order.
    • You can make your payment from your card or account information by clicking the go to safe button.
    • After your order is completed, you can follow the "Orders" menu by clicking on "LOGIN" button in the menu.
    • You must make sure that your delivery and billing address is complete and correct so that your orders can be sent to your address in time.
    • In the event that the recipient cannot be found at the address, delivery to the immediate vicinity may be made after the identity information check.
    • Invoice address information cannot be changed after order confirmation. Therefore, you should not approve your order until you are sure that your billing information is correct.
    • When entering your product dimensions, enter your width and height measurements by 5 cm more for error and crop margin.
    • You must enter your wall dimensions in centimeters. Enter 5 cm more in both the width and height values ​​for error and trimming allowance in your wall dimensions.
    • When measuring your wall, you must tell us the exact dimensions. We need the exact width and height of your wall. Windows, doors, etc. on your wall. If there are areas such as those areas, please give a full measure without removing them. During the application, these areas are cut off.

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