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İptal ve İade Koşulları


Right of Withdrawal:

In accordance with the special requests and demands of the consumer, the consumer cannot use his / her right of withdrawal in the products which are made special by making special measured printing.

Warranty conditions:

All our products are under manufacturer's warranty unless otherwise stated. Please check the delivery of the cargo to ensure the warranty conditions. When you see a damage, keep a record and do not get the product. Changes or modifications to the product that are deformed or the original design is not covered by the warranty.

Return and Exchange Rights:

You have the right to exchange and return the products you have received from our website within 7 days from the date of product delivery, unconditionally within the framework of the specified criteria or in cases where the products are not opened. - In case of a manufacturing defect in the products - In case of a measurement other than the size you have given (for special prints) - In case of a different product from the product you have ordered - In case of any damage caused by the cargo (Damage test and record should be arranged)

If you have at least one of the above criteria, you must submit your return and exchange request from the support section on our website.

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